This can be the most important financial decision you will make.

Real estate transactions always result in contractual relationships with others. Contractual relationships create legal rights and obligations for both vendors and purchasers. An agreement to buy or sell real estate can be the beginning of wealth creation.

You need to understand your legal rights and obligations before you commit yourself. You need to be sure that your affairs are in the hands of a professional, whose experience and expertise will protect you.

At Antippa Lawyers, we do not just fill in the papers. What matters is an investigation of the title. If you are buying a property, it is a big expenditure and it is worthwhile knowing that everything will be alright. There are a lot of things which we investigate about a property before a settlement. A Certificate of Title does not say when the house was built or even if there is a house or factory on the title. It does not state what building permits were granted and if buildings are safe. Various pipes and wires run under or overhead and it is important to know what they are. There are levels of restrictions and maintenance requirements by Heritage authorities depending if the building or area is listed in the National register, the State register or the Council register. Restrictions are also placed on properties by overlays, planning zones and road widening proposals at the property or in the area.

Property Development

Split the property into two or more lots and capital gains multiple. A subdivision is a way of curbing costs of dormant fees.