Business and Leases

Now that you are ready to take on identified viable business opportunities, there are many practical things you need to put in place, before you commence, to establish your business on a sound footing.

Decide how your business will be legally structured:
If you choose to be a sole trader, you can trade using your own name or register a business name;
If you choose to trade as a company, your company name needs to be registered and a company needs to be set up.

We will assist you with these and other legal requirements that need to be in place before you commence your business including:

  • Business transfers and registrations
  • Leases
  • Liquor Licensing
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Set up of Company & Trust
  • Business Name registration
  • Dispute resolution


Why it is important to have a written lease?

Please refer to our “Publication” tab that outlines the importance of a written lease.