The law relating to leasing is complex.  Our 50 years of experience in commercial retail leasing, property law, other small business and property investor issues enable us to provide you with proper legal advice before entering a lease.  It is always cheaper to ask for advice before you sign.  After you sign, it is too late.

Establishing a business can be a challenge and yet maintaining a well developed business can be a more daunting task. Foremost in most face-to-face retail businesses is the issue of position.  Invariably, this will involve the tenant considering a lease.
A written lease will help:

  • To clearly establish the obligations and the rights of the landlord and the tenant;
  • To provide certainty for the continuation of the business of the tenant and the income of the landlord;
  • To avoid unnecessary disputes and associated costs of an ambiguity of the terms of a lease;
  • To provide a mechanism for dispute resolution.

Stability and protection are important for the tenant.  This will enable the business to continue at those premises for the duration of the lease and any further options.  Consequently, the business can grow and develop goodwill.  A stable lease will avoid the costs of removal and re-installation of plant and equipment.  The tenant can rely on the lease to operate its business without fear of unforeseen eviction or unwarranted termination by the landlord.

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