Dear Peter,

Michael & I would like to thank you for the professional way you handled all the matters relating to & leading up to the Court appearance on Wednesday 13th June 2012.

It was evident from our first meeting that we were in extremely good hands. This was a very traumatic experience for both myself & my husband Michael, but it was very comforting to have you representing us.

The way you analysed all the information & developed a strategy to gather relevant information & character references gave us some confidence before entering the courtroom.

Whilst we had no understanding of what penalty would be handed down we believe it was an excellent outcome, being the result of your hard work & detail in preparing our defence.

Peter you spoke so highly of trying to get your best Barrister Bill to accept your brief & act for us. Thankyou for succeeding in this.

Bill rang the day before the case. During & after our lengthy phone discussion it was very evident to me that Bill had been thoroughly briefed by you. Bill mentioned how well he had been briefed by you.

Bill & I met for an hour before the court appearance & again went over every detail. You were correct about Bill. He was the best in court. Magnificent.

Peter thankyou for representing us & thank you for booking your best Barrister. I consider you both the best.

Michael & I thank you for your professionalism, your thorough knowledge & attention to detail, & your warm & friendly personality which was very evident throughout our time with you as our legal representatives.

Yours Sincerely,

Jill Moore

Dear Peter,

I hope that I do not meet with any more of these disputes in future, but in the event that I do,I would seek your assistance again as I have confidence in your clear-sighted and practical assessment of the issues.


Rossly P., Pascoe Vale Victoria

Dear Peter,

I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work that you put into todays settlement. I am well aware that I couldn’t have got this property without your help. Thanks a million!

Kind Regards, Natsuko

Dear Peter,
All I could do was to sincerely thank you for all your work, and I assure you the pleasure was all mine.
Of course, if I ever need any legal assistance I will most definitely be in contact as I find your practice a most honorable one indeed. Any referrals I can possibly pass on to you I will. Thank you for your kind wishes and I too wish you all good things.

Mary A.
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