We provide all legal services including complete migration services in business migration, skilled migration, family unity and student visas.

We are a firm of lawyers in the city of Melbourne. Our intimate knowledge of migration law is essential for a successful application. We attend seminars frequently to keep abreast of the latest changes in migration law. Knowledge of all the latest Acts, regulations, gazette notices and procedural notices is required before submitting an application. It is not enough to simply fill in the form as best as you can and hope for the best. Appeals to the Federal Court have been severely restricted so it is now more important than ever to ‘get it right’ in the first place.

We will consult with you, assess your paperwork and suggest the best method available for you to be successful with your application. We will complete all relevant documents, apply for ancillary reports and lodge these with the necessary departments.

We can assess the strength or likely success of your application. For a payment of only Au $500 + gst, we can determine the complexity of the case. This will then enable us to give you an estimation of our costs for the visa application. Our costs are determined after we assess your application and determine the complexity of the case.

Below are a few common questions we are asked in relation to Migration:

    • What would be my responsibility?  Your responsibility would be to supply us with all relevant documents and supporting information. Everything else will be done by us. You do not require an overseas agent as well. We will do everything for you to assist you obtain a visa.
    • Additional Costs/fees? All of these costs will be outlined at the beginning prior to you making your decision.We will outline all costs at the beginning before we begin to apply for a visa.
    • Difference between applying on my own and with you? We have the expertise to understand what the requirements of each applicant would be and apply on that basis. We know what information we should send that would support your application and what information would hinder it. Migration laws are very complex. Internet advice and brochures are only a simplified overview to the whole process.
    • How long does it take? If there are no complications, once you have supplied all documentation and qualifications, a business visa could take 2 or 3 months and longer for other categories.
    • Can I just ask you a question? Yes, many of our clients are overseas and they prefer to communicate with us by E-mail. However, before we reply, the Migration Code of Conduct requires that we supply you information and you are required to sign an agreement to appoint us.

He gives advice, makes applications and appeals decisions to tribunals and courts for the various types of visa categories.